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My Daughter-In-Law #3

It’s been super having someone to open up to with no reservations what so ever. We both have truly enjoyed more than a dozen fuck-fest encounters. I have one more I’ll tell you about. I don’t believe there will be any other disclosures, unless Angie grants me one final fantasy. (But I’m not going to count on it happening) I want to tie her up and take tons of pictures of that body for my personal pleasure. If you’ve followed this story from the beginning, you have a good idea how well endowed my daughter in law is. Damn she’s super, I just wish I had a photo to share with you!

Shortly after my son got out of jail, he, Angie and the kids moved into a rental house. I gave them as much help as I could moving their household goods and getting them settled in. This new beginning lasted about five months. Seems Bill had forgotten about a small thing called child support and this oversight landed him back in jail. Angie is Bill’s fourth wife. This should have been enough information to tell her not to marry him but Oh no; they simply loved each other and were going to make this marriage work. Oh boy, such famous last words were never so wrong. This opened a completely new game play for me. During the summer months Angie’s ex husband got to keep the children and this left her all alone. (Lucky me) 

One evening,about 7:30pm I'm getting ready for work when I receive a call from Angie. She asks me to come by as soon as I could. Seems she is having some sort of problem and needs my help. I tell her I’ll see her as soon as I can. So I leave for work a little early to swing by Angie’s and as I arrive she is trying to move her washing machine back into its original location. This is going to be easy and quick. I tell her to move while I get it situated as needed and go into the bath to wash up. As I return to the kitchen she’s standing in front of the stove cooking some sort of rice dish. She has on a light cotton blouse and blue jeans. As I step up behind her I reach around her and run my right hand down into her jeans under her panties and sink a finger into her pussy. Man is she wet. At the same time I place my left hand over her left breast and find no bra. As I rub her cunt I think to myself "man she is more than ready to fuck". I ask her if this was what she really called me about and looked into her deep brown eyes. I could see there was no need for a reply as she is now holding my hand covering her pussy and letting out soft little moans. Yeah, this was what she needed for sure. 

I called into work and told them I’d be taking the night off. Seems things were slow and there was no problem with this last minute request. 

I took Angie by the hand and led her into the bedroom. I quickly undressed and was watching her as she slowly took off her blouse. Those tits were standing tall with her nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She unbuttoned her pants and stepped out of them. Her panties were simply soaking wet and you could see every detail of that wonderful pussy. As she lay down, I reach up and grab those panties and pull them off her body in one motion. I start slowly playing with her breasts and letting the nipples hit each finger as I rub across each one in turn. It takes almost no time for her nipples to become as hard as a rock. She’s now moaning much louder as I run my other hand over her pussy and lightly brush her clit. She becomes rigid and is about to have her first orgasm as I release her and let her regain her composure. I now begin to lick her dripping pussy from ass to clit, over and over. Angie groaned, and her hips pumped back and forth in time to my licks. In just a few minutes, I felt her thighs tense, she grabs my head and pulls it tight to her pussy. A moment later a warm wetness covered my face as she came. 

As she regained composure I was more than ready to give her the fucking she so needed. I continued to massage her cunt as I positioned myself between her legs and pushed them farther apart as I lowered myself into that wonderful warm wetness of her cunt. I pounded that pussy with every ounce of strength I had. I was now coming out of her and slamming back into her with each thrust. Angie was also pushing up to meet me on every thrust. Up I went and as I came down she lifted that ass off the bed to meet me. My cock slid past her pussy and in one mighty thrust I was imbedded deep in her ass. She let out a scream that was deafening but as I felt the tingling sensation in my balls I pushed even harder. I blasted stream after stream of hot cum into her ass, and that made her scream even louder. I slowly rolled off her so we could both catch our breath. I was certain Angie would be hysterical and certainly mad as hell at me for Cumming in her ass. That was the one and only time my cock got even close to that wonderful hole. Angie moaned in delight as I thought I saw her eyes roll back. My cum spasms subsided and now Angie lay collapsed on my chest, totally exhausted.

I told Angie to relax and rest for a while. I’m not going anywhere and we have all night to enjoy one another. 
I got up and went into the bathroom to wash my cock. Didn’t want to get that pussy messed up in any shape or form. As I returned to the bed a light aroma of a woman’s vagina hit me. As I looked at her body I could see one gorgeous woman. Her clit sat high between her lips, slightly covered until I slid back her hood. This area was a darker shade of pink. Her lips and the tip of her clit was a pearly pink, inviting me to taste. Such an invite I could not turn down as I slid my tongue up, down and over her silky pussy. 

I managed to move up her body until I was looking into those beautiful eyes once more. Her eyes were glazed and she looked as if she was at peace with the world. I slowly lowered my face to hers and for the first time in more than two years we kissed. Let me just say this, If anyone tells you that sex is purely a physical act, tell them to fuck off. We enjoyed such a wonderful kiss time and again as our tongues did the dance of love inside each other’s mouths. My hands were busy feeling her body and tits while I moved between her thighs once more. This time as we kissed I lowered myself into that moist warm world of lust. We were lost there for about an hour. I really believe the kiss is the most exotic thing two people can do if you truly care for that person. As I pressing my cock into her I hit her cervix and she moaned. With each additional thrust, I pounded into her. Her moaning intensified in volume and frequency. I saw her eyes began to tear and it was not from pain but pure joy. We were totally drenched in sweat and lust for each other and slowly sank into a feeling of bliss, peace and contentment. We both fell into a deep sleep. 
Damn, I really do believe I love this woman.